Report | and wander HIKING CLUB
in Wales, UKand wander journal #76

海外初のアンドワンダーハイキングクラブが、イギリスで「FIRST CAMP」のイベントとして開催された。「FIRST CAMP」は、キャンプシーズンの到来を祝うキャンプイベントで、UKのアウトドアセレクトショップOUTSIDERS STOREとSnow Peak UKが共同で運営している。ワークショップやアクティビティなどの体験を通して、参加者の知識や連帯感を育むのを目的としており、3回目となる今年も北ウェールズのバーツ・キッチンガーデンが開催地だ。

The first overseas edition of the “and wander HIKING CLUB” was held in the UK at “FIRST CAMP”. “FIRST CAMP” is a camping event that celebrates the arrival of the camping season, and is jointly operated by OUTSIDERS STORE which is an outdoor lifestyle retailer in the UK and Snow Peak UK. The event aims to foster knowledge and a sense of community among participants through experiences such as workshops and activities, and is being held at Bert's Kitchen Garden in North Wales for the third time this year.


The Llŷn Peninsula, about 6 hours by car from London, stretches approximately 50km from North Wales to the Irish Sea. It is home to magnificent nature, Celtic culture, music, and an idyllic landscape.


The location is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, and participants can freely enjoy activities such as cyanotype printing workshops and yoga. In the UK in May, when daylight hours are increasing day by day, everyone soaks up the sun with a feeling of relief from the long winter nights. The event is limited to around 120 people so it has a homely feel. Participants have a variety of camping styles, many bring children and dogs, and there is a relaxed atmosphere all around.

muraco x and wanderのコラボレーションテントが並ぶ僕らのサイトには、テントの形、色や素材、組み立てのスムーズさに惹かれて人が集まった。

People gather at our site which featured the “muraco x and wander” collaboration tents, attracted by the shapes, colour, materials, and the ease of assembly.


The sun sets into the sea in North Wales, on the west coast of England


The hike was scheduled for the morning of the second day. Together with our guide Peter, who is an expert on Wales' nature and activities, we chose a section of the 140km Wales Coast Path. The route winds its way along the coast from the campsite, with views of rolling green hills and sea cliffs that have remained unchanged for centuries. It's fun even for beginners, and it's a great way to bask in the charm of nature. We wanted to experience together the pleasure in small discoveries, rather than focusing on climbing to the summit, so for that it was perfect. Initially, the plan was to take a 10.6 km route to Garn Fôr which is the world's largest granite quarry, but we were happy to learn that the number of participants had increased, so we switched to a safer and physically easier route.


Peter, with long white hair and outdoorsman style, wears a checked shirt - he has been a guide in this area for 35 years.


The Wales Coast Path steel signs along the route have aged and have been exposed to the elements, blending in with nature.


Even the dogs join the hike wagging their tails.


Although it was early in the morning, there were more than 80 participants who joined. People from various backgrounds from places such as Liverpool, Manchester, and London came together with a mutual desire to enjoy nature. As we enter the trail with our guide Peter leading us, we find ourselves in a world of sheep and wild birds. A family of sheep gave us a brief glance and pass us by with a blank look on their faces. Garn Fôr towers on a hill in the distance. A couple walking next to me said it was a filming location for Game of Thrones, and the scenery was magnificent and dramatic. The beautiful spring water is a sight to behold, but you must tread carefully as your feet can become extremely slippery. The pace of hiking is just right, so that you can have a leisurely conversation without getting out of breath.

アウトドア活動で自然を楽しむコレクティブ集団『Common Ground』の設立者、ベン、タング、ジョスティー、ジョエル。

Ben, Tang, Josty, and Joel are the founders of Common Ground, a collective that enjoys nature through outdoor activities.


They take pleasure in combining outdoor and fashion styles in their own unique way.


After walking along a narrow path overgrown with ferns for a while, you enter a green tunnel created by the trees. The wind and the shadows created by the fresh greenery cool your sweaty body. The 2.6km loop hike ends with rocks and pebbles winding down to the shoreline and through local brick houses. The sound of birds singing, the small flowers blooming at your feet, the various colours of greenery and the sea looking different than before you set off, these are all comforts that reset your conscious in nature. When everything went well and we all returned to the campsite and the tension released, “see you next year!” exclaimed one of the participants. By the end, the people I met at HIKING CLUB became friends who walked together. Beer tastes the best on a day like this.


As if to celebrate the success of the first overseas HIKING CLUB, the aurora spread across the night sky.

Text & Translation Tatsuo Hino
Photography Violet Xanthe Bennet, Ashleigh Sanderson